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  1. Enable travellers to find and plan fun itineraries near your property;
  2. Provide you with guest behaviour data that informs your marketing and customer service.
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Put your brand on $500k of software for only $99 p/m
Place Wotsay under your umbrella, integrate it into your brand and incorporate it as part of your marketing strategy

  • Guests continue to use the app and see your brand after their stay
  • Promote your deals your way, exclude the competition
  • Compete on guest experience, not room price

Wotsay provides hotel guests with an efficient, time saving tool to:

  • Find local events and attractions
  • Create customized itineraries
  • Collaborate with other travellers in real time

Recommend the best nearby things to see and do

  • Target deals to specific audience groups
  • Promote complimentary and ancillary products
  • Build long-term relationships through extended brand exposure

Gain greater customer insights through customized reports featuring:

  • Demographics of customer base
  • Locations guests spend their time
  • Trends within a city
  • Potential strategic partnerships

Create an amazing guest experience

Engage with your guests to achieve great memories and experiences

  • Home

    Our at home function has great resources to educate and entertain the family from the comfort of their hotel room.

  • Food and Drink

    Wotsay will categorise your favourite restaurants and cafes in an easy to follow and orderly manner.

  • Activities

    Guests see real time options for local events and attractions to enrich their cultural experience to create the perfect holiday.

  • See and Do

    All the nearby sights and sounds from latest cinema listings to natural landmarks that would make for a perfect day trip.

  • Customised Itineraries

    Create individual itineraries around personal interests and then collaborate with others in real time.

  • Follow Curated Itineraries

    Hotels can recommend specific itineraries and guests can also follow programs set by verified travel guides and influencers.

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