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A word from our founder…


Wotsay was born from frustration. I had moved with my family to a new town and, having lost our social networks and local hangouts, our entertainment choices were suddenly at the mercy of generic websites like Tripadvisor and reviews by strangers on Google.

I knew tech should be doing this heavy lifting for us. Machine learning was the backbone of marketing, aligning products with people, why couldn’t it align us with fun?

I designed a machine-learning platform that would match people on obvious datapoints like age, energy, budget, location and interests. With a group of tech professionals much smarter than me, we built the prototype, raised investment and launched a mobile app that connected users with their best things to see. We also added a bunch of co-planning tools.

Then Covid hit. We had an activities and events app in shutdown world. That is behind us and we are ready to find hotel partners to launch the app.

Wotsay allows hotel brands to serve their guests with over 100k activities and events and curated itineraries all around Australia – surely a stronger proposition than a discounted room price.

We have created a marketplace where travellers have access to the best events around town and hotels can be at the forefront of facilitating that interaction by creating customised itineraries in their local communities. Further, the hotels come to understand more of the behaviours of their customers, which in turn can guide future marketing.

We create a more intimate and personal experience between hotel and guest. This has been a tough journey and I thank my team for their hard work and dedication to bring Wotsay to market. I hope you are as delighted as we are with today’s product.

John Hancock
Founder and CEO

Pre-Covid Journey

Wotsay started with a vision and became a vessel to create something great. As any founder will tell you, the journey from idea to concept to launch is one filled with many twists and turns and challenges along the way, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s been an incredible experience to build a company with our values, secure financing, procure talented individuals who believed in our vision and then nurture those individuals to help create our vision, but we eventually did it. We secured a great development team to build a product that will positively impact the travel experience.

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The Re-Launch

Unfortunately, like many in the tourism and hospitality industry, life during Covid put a dampener on some of our ambitions, but in 2022 Wotsay partnered with AI Digital, a start-up marketing and consulting firm, to help us create a clear road map on how we could bring this product to light.

We put together a strong leadership team, have developed a clear business plan, a strong marketing plan, and are now here for the long-haul. We can’t wait to take this product to market to see the benefits it can provide both hotels and guests and would be delighted for you to join us on this journey.

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